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Mr. James,
I guess I made a mistake in using the phrase crappy friend. I meant it more to show my frustration at him for the particular incident. Normally, he is an okay guy. Keep in mind I had no idea my buddy had given him the finger. Since I, as the driver, had done nothing wrong, that I knew of, I really didn't expect him to follow me in. Another bad phrasing I used was the video camera reference. In my head as I was typing of the original post, I envisioned one of those little signs they have to inform people they are on camera. I pulled in because it was the one place that was well lit and I honestly had hoped that by getting off the road, he would pass me by. I did not expect to be followed and I did not expect a confrontation. I admitted in my first post that the incident was instigated by the passenger, but I also said I was unaware. Part of the reason for my post was to show that I was forced into the situation. Trust me, I did not want to be there.

I understand that wrong was done on our part. I asked for opinions and I'm happy people provided their input. Thanks everyone.
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