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here goes

broadheads- I am not a fan of the various expandable heads. If something "has to happen" before the head cuts its best, I don't want it. Why? One less thing to go wrong. The new wave expndable heads are pushed heavily, and some of the videos show awesome wounds, but I'm still not buying.

I like a vintage, fixed blade, resharpenable head, but I am a relic. The various 3 and 4 blade replaceable models on the market allow anybody to hunt with supersharp heads that have good reputations for toughness and accuracy. Consider the Thunderhead and the Muzzy as good examples. Oh I shoot a Bear Razorhead, but hardly anybody else does these days.

Treestands- I am a tree stand hunter, mostly from climbers. I have killed exactly one deer from the ground on a stalk. During tornado conditions and a howling wind. And I missed the first time. The deer ran closer (the little buck heard the arrow hit beyond him and ran away from it, back towards me!) and second shot I did not miss. I have had very poor luck with deer and ground blinds, and got picked off enough I stopped using one.

Pins- Depends alot on how fast and flat your bow is shooting. A slow rig may need 10-20-30 yd pins. A faster rig may do well with 20-30-40 as mentioned. I hunted my Dads bow for a while with a very light draw weight, as that's how he had it. That set up needed 10-20-30 as the arrow trajectory was pretty arched. Currently both my hunting bows (whitetails only) are using single pins set at 20 yds. They shoot hard enough that I can hold under or over a bit for ranges either side and I am still good.
My average kill shot is 14 yds. THis years deer (we're still hunting, no the only one I hope) was a 8 yds.
I find I do not really need long range pins for my location and style of hunting.

Finally, I think the Biscuit is a great hunting rest. Tough and consistent, no moving parts, again, less to go wrong. My only complaint against the Bsicuit was that it could be loud on the draw with aluminum arrows. I finally switched to very slick finished carbon arrows (told you I was a relic!) and carbon seems to draw very quietly.

I love rifles and shooting in general, but bowhunting whitetails is an absolute passion of mine. I hope you enjoy it as much.

BTW a great vintage bowhuntng video was "Bowhunting October Whitetails" and some of it was likely shot in NC. Barry Wensell and Rick Blase.
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