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James K
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It is always amusing in a sick sort of way to hear the anti-gun gang prattle that they don't want to ban "sporting" weapons or "interfere" with hunting.

The news, boys and girls, is that what we have here is a culture clash. The left-wing collectivists against the right-wing individualists. The gun control people hate guns, hate hunting, hate any sign of individualism. If they had their druthers, the U.S. would be a Stalinist dictatorship, with all dissent and individualism totally suppressed and people imprisoned or killed for being different.

That does not mean the left is squeamish about dead bodies; their heroes, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, slaughtered millions, but they did it collectively, which is to say that the government did it.

Of course, the antis want to ban hunting, and target shooting, and the use of guns for defense. They are deeply and deathly afraid that if the people are allowed to own guns, they will not be able to impose their will on the masses, and that is what they want to do.

The name of the game is power. Many psychologists and psychiatrists believe that the need for power drives all human endeavor. It is a good thing to remember when we see someone like Bloomberg, who has all the money anyone could ever need, dictating how much soda people will be allowed to drink. People say they want to do good; but that gives them power over those they help. People say they want money; but money is a means to power. People say they want sex; but sex is another way of exercising power.

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