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Nothing to get mad about... lol Just trying to help... The P220 really is one heck of a gun! Love the pics!
darn right

DAyum Constantine, that 220 looks awfully familiar! I know you are gonna love that. As far as the front night sight is concerned, I am thinking about the Ameriglo ProGlo Trijicon front sight for $60. It has the illuminated green on the inside, with a painted fluorescent orange around it for a bit better day time shooting. I'm just not positive if the sight that goes on a '95 P220 is a #6 or a #8. I'll just call Sig next week, unless of course someone chimes in on this site.
Let us know how that range test goes. Shot the 220 and the 226 Tacops at the range today.
lol yes it does...exact same as yours huh?

I'm going to look that up and just wait on this forum till someone responds on it ::cough::cough:: including you. (no pressure)

Nice! Range pics?!

I'm really happy I have the 226 and now 220.

3,000+ rds down range by me with my P226 (bought new)

I wish I knew the mileage on this P220.

Also, anyone know if the P220 comes with stainless steel guide rod from the factory? Or was that added? Cause my P226 has a plastic one. Kind of makes me want to throw on a stainless steel guide rod.
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