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I'm going to poke a pin in the bubble of "what seems fair" and "what shoould be" and"but they aren't going to waste time on me,I'm small fish"

If you think about posessing a firearm as a prohibited person,then all the sudden "they" have something on you.

Oh,come on,HiBC!! Show me your tin foil hat collection!!.

Some of you younger folks may not have a sense of history.You may not be aware of how getting a bit afoul of the federal firearms laws can get post humorous.,Thats after it stops being funny.

Now,I am sure the mods won't want us to go off topic and start a discussion on these topics here.Just do your own research,and use it to take good care of yourself.Naivete can get you in trouble.

Us older folks know the story of a guy who messed up,broke the law.He cut off a shotgun barrel shorter than 18 inches at the request of federal agents.Then,when they had that on him,they asked him to become an informant.Research Randy Weaver and Ruby Ridge.It is a good thing to know about.

There was also a cult leader about the same time period.A group called the Branch Davidians in Waco,Texas.They had a leader named David Koresh.As I understand it,among other problems they were selling and posessing inappropriate firearms outside the law.Serious stuff.It brought trouble.

Watch a video on Youtube called "Rules of Engagement".Its got Joe Biden in it.

Just know what can happen if you think breaking firearms laws just a little is something that will work out for you.
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