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To quote sombody I cant remember now "If you give a mouse a cookie he will want a glass of milk"
Im new to this forum. And nothing personal meant toward anyone but Im astounded at the number of posts that lean toward " finding a middle ground" with the anti gun crowd.
Right is right and wrong is wrong. 2a exists, has already been trampled to death trying to find middle ground as we backed up and accepted this little restriction and that little restriction. NO restriction is what 2a meant, A God given right to keep and bear arms and to self defense exits.
One cannot reason with or educate people that have one agenda that they have spoken many times. No guns in private hands any place any time.
Keep trying to appease, reason with, accept this to hold onto that and eventually if you keep a gun you will be a criminal because they will if allowed ban every gun from private citizens. I suppose then I will be changed from a law abiding citizen to a felon because I will NOT turn over my firearms to a government that by its own act to take my firearms over stepped its authority.
Background checks were and are in place only to track guns and who owns them, under the cover of some safety net to keep idiots from getting guns.
Criminals or planned criminals will get a gun back ground check or not. End of story.
As I said Im new here not to guns, or the antis agenda to take them. What I just said may not make me popular here. If so Im sorry but truth is truth.
Give an inch and we lose a mile. Worry about trying to sway the opinion of folks that cannot be swayed because they know they are wrong to begin with is a waste of time and only makes us look weak and willing to accept whatever stupidity the antis wish to inflict.
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