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Congratulations! I just absolutely love my old SIG P220. Nothing else shoots like it.

For quite awhile now I've been saying that mine was a 1988 W. German P220. Well I recently saw a post that showed a two letter marking below the barrell and it found out that mine is a 1995. I was shocked!!! I had to think about where I was, in what city, at what part of my life, what did my friend buy at the same time, and realized that yes, I did purchase it in 1995. Still very much made in W. Germany.

To hijack your thread just a lil' bit Constantine, I have a question for you P220 afficionado's. I want to keep the "dot the i" sights, but want to put in night sights. They are very hard to find. Then it hit me, can I simply put on a front night sight, and if so, what # is that sight? Is it a #6?

Again, congrats and enjoy...
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