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Need some Help with mounts and rings.

This is what I have and what I am trying to do. I am new to the long range shooting so if I ask something silly or if I dont make any sense Im sorry for that in advance...
I just bought a savage arms 16 fcss .308 for this rifle I also have a trijicon Accupoint 5x20x50mm with a 30mm tube.
Now from what I have read about the scope I need a 20 MOA mount to be able to reach 1000 yards. So I got the 2 piece ken ferrall 20 MOA mount. I also got the weaver 0 MOA mounts. Now according to weaver they show for a 50mm lens I need the X-high rings which I bought. Now this is where my questions come in.
1 I mounted the 20 MOA mount and the X-High rings and the lens of the scope is about 3/4 of an inch off the barrel, is it suppost to be like that? If so I thought you always wanted the scope as close to the barrel?

2 Do I need it to be so high off the barrel to get that extra long range moa shots? Cause if not I was thinking of getting the Med or low rings to get it closer to the barrel?

3 If I use the 0 moa mounts then I think the X-high rings would be good or just right (I dont know yet cause the company messed up and only sent me one, so Im waiting for the second one to come in to check)

4 So another question I have if I use 20 moa mount and lower rings and bring the scope down to 1/8 or less off the barrel will I have that extra to get the 1000 yard shot off? If I use the 0 moa mount and the higher rings and have the scope a 1/8 or so off the barrel isnt that the same as using the 20 moa mounts?

Please let me know so I dont spend money I dont need to spend tomorrow on lower rings if I would be doing the same thing.
Thanks for your help
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