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It's easy for one to say, "here's what I would have done". It really means "here's what I'd like to think I'd have done". You never know.

Be careful on the road: here's a case in point and a true story. Here in Reno Nev. during the Clinton administration, a Federal agent with a history of being involved in road rage incidents had an incident that turned out to be his last.

Unknown to him, the "other guy" was a down and outer, had broken up with his girlfriend, and was in the process of leaving town on 395 S. bound N. of Reno. Tony, the agent, followed the individual who went E. on I80 and took an exit at the Nugget. The agent's car bumped into him at the stop sign. The agent, got out of his car and was in the process of calling in the accident on his cell phone when the occupant of the car came up and shot him with a .22 cal. handgun. The assailant then took the agent's .40 cal pistol and shot him to death. Then he took his own life. All this witnessed by bystanders from the overpass above.

When one relative was notified of Tony's death, he replied "Tony ran into the wrong guy this time, didn't he?"

Janet Reno attended the funeral and bestowed the usual accolades on the fallen Federal Agent.

My account above is as I remember it from local news sources as best as I can remember without inserting any personal opinions.

The point is, anyone can be either a victim or a participant of road rage if we aren't careful. I can say, from personal experience, that staying completely calm and ignoring the other driver can be rather difficult.

The fact that I'm an armed citizen has always been a good reminder and provides plenty of extra incentive with regards to not allowing things to escalate. We all know it's better to ignore the other driver. We just need to do it. Under no circumstances I can forsee would I be inclined to stop and confront the other driver or allow my self to be confronted.

As for having a passenger in my car who's doing his best to escalate the matter, especially while armed (but even if not), suggests that an obvious little "chat" might be in order.

Just my thoughts on the matter.
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