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I have experience with three very highly realistic video games, I would reccomend for tactical simulation training purposes the first one is Soldier of Fortune II Double Helix Gold Edition designed in 2003 a very Visceral and violent Soldier shooter PC game with a genius dismemberment engine at every body joint to be shot off yes it is very cool and utterly realistic with built in aim drift intergrate factors on each weapon if you chose the options all very realistic and all the basic principals are very real-oriented simulated fierce combat don't believe me buy it and yes its very challenging and hard and I loved that game to death, I hope I didn't mess up my eyesight playing it. And for xbox 360 operation flashpoint dragon rising release 2009 is very realistic and very hard also. And Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Xbox 360 relased 2006 hard too. I would say they help stimulate your creative thoughts on practical shooting so I don't see a downside to it at all. And have patience playing these games they are time consuming fine motor skills video games.
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