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I go on a two mile walk two or three times a week for exercise. Yesterday I took a target and target stand and went 1.5 miles in one direction instead of a mile to land I can shoot on, I never shoot there, but I have permission to and its fairly remote. I sat up the target and walked back home. Today I took my Remington 700 BDL Varmint .308, range finder and spotting scope and walked over where I'd set up the target. Light was still good as that was about 15:00 this afternoon. I checked the distance with my laser range finder until I was as close to exactly 200 yards from the target I sat up yesterday as I could get.

I used only the bi-pod for support and I shot a ten shot group at the right top orange circle fairly rapidly. I can't really say what size it is because obviously two shots missed the paper. Then I was going to slow fire five at the upper left, but after the first four I decided to try and hit the bulls eye on the shoot 'n see.

The eight shots that made it on the paper of the ten shot group measure six inches and the four shots on the left measure two and a half inches. And as you can see the bulls eye shot missed. Not bad for the worst, high powered bolt action rifle I own. Well, excepting my old Enfield and Smith-Corona 1903-a3. Also it has a 3x-9x Burris Fulfield II with the ballistic plex reticle. That scope can only be described as rudimentary by todays standards.

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