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Originally Posted by Quick Karl
I'm not worried about articulating the reasons to gun-right supporters, I'm worried about how we articulate our beliefs to gun-right OPPONENTS, who may have the voting power to take those rights away, especially if we seem like we are nuts.
Then we must work to articulate the reasons that gun control is undesirable, not capitulate simply because the other side refuses to see reason.

Originally Posted by Quick Karl
If you are a car salesman and you are trying to sell a car to a Chinese person that doesn't speak English and doesn't want what you are selling, and you don't even speak Chinese, then you call the Chinese person a jerk for not buying the car... well...
I'm not following you on this one. Care to elaborate?
I'm a lawyer, but I'm not your lawyer. If you need some honest-to-goodness legal advice, go buy some.
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