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Any cleaners you find in the gun section of your local sporting goods store will work fine. Likewise for oils. For me I buy the cheapest oils I can find because what I do is clean with hoppes, coat pretty much everything I can in CLP, and then if will be shooing it that day I oil it with whatever right before leaving home to head out. When I get home, it's cleaned again.

Because of the short time my oil is on there I don't stress much on the oil so long as it is a "gun oil". Synthetic motor oil works too.

For my carry gun that needs to be lubed and ready for deployment at a moments notice I use frog lube for oil and coat exterior surfaces in CLP to avoid corrosion. LOVE CLP for protection, lubrication not so much. Carry gun gets stripped, cleaned, and re oiled 4 times a year or more if I shoot it at the range.
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