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The shooting "Triad"

First off, let me state that I have not worked out many of the details on the following suggestion. ...

The shooting triad would include;
1) Potential Victims.
2) Potential Bad Guys.
3) Guns and "Stuff".

On guns, I would suggest that all firearm manufacturers include a training voucher with each firearm they sell. This voucher would partially or completely cover the cost of a training session by certified NRA instructor. The purchaser would have an option of when he chooses to redeme or even opt out. Scheduled classes could be held at local guns stores, clubs or conservation club locations. Locations could also include Scheduled Gun Shows. You could even have all "Women's" classe. The state and certainly federal governments would have no input or control. Everyone on the Gun end could say they were doing their part. .....

There is a saying that a good idea is only as good as the time it takes for someone to shoot it down. So, the range is hot !!!

Be Safe !!!
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