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I think the idea of selling any firearm to complete stranger you know nothing about, at a gun show, or through the anti-gun anti-second-amendment website, backpage, or through the classified section of the anti-gun anti-second-amendment Arizona Republic News Paper (allowed here in AZ), is completely insane.

You could be selling your firearm to a terrorist or a monster like in Newton, and I have NEVER understood how anyone with even half a lick of sense can sit back and be OK with that. If you do it you are worse than irresponsible, period.

It SHOULD be sickening that while on the front page of the anti-gun anti-second-amendment AZ Republic, they condemn firearms, but they are content to MAKE MONEY off of the classified ads that SELL FIREARMS in the back.

Maybe when people start using reality and facts to point out the absurdities going on, instead of worrying about how calm cool and reserved they can appear, we can start making sense to a few folks on the other side...

It's as if our wise leaders are plain stupid.

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