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Unfortunately, disinformation and emotion will usually prevail over logic and common sense, at least in the short term. I say disinformation because the anti-gun politicians and media consciously continue to use incorrect terminology and emotional buzz words. This is done to flame the emotions and passions of people who have no understanding of the real problems. These people are angry and mad at what happened (just like you and me) but because they are ignorant of the facts and don't have a dog in the fight, they'll jump on any bandwagon that shows some hint of a promise for a quick solution, even when we know it will not.

That being said, the company's that decided to quit selling ARs....well, I've no respect for them. Yes, it is their decision....but in my opinion, they might as well roll over on their back and pee on themselves like a neutered dog in a dog fight. They could take on the challenge of informing the ignorant and pushing back against the media disinformation....but that would be harder. No one said doing the right thing was easy. I'll spend my money at another retailer.
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