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Speak for yourself 8mm. It won't be 20 bucks for me. It'll be 20-30 bucks, and 10% of the value of the firearm. That used Dan Wesson for 3K? Just became close to 3500.

Edit: Although to be fair, I should state that that's the extent of my objections, as long as the people able to perform the NICS check are only FFL holders, or some form of Government employee so that access to the personally identifying information is protected. I don't want my SSN, etc. in the hands of some guy I met once at a gun show, or a swap meet, or so on. A tracking system to backtrack and say so-and-so requested this NICS checks, it was this individual, and we can backtrace the trail to this person who's been arrested for identity theft type of stuff.

The other issue I have with it is Washington State specific. Washington feels that the FFL process can be taxed based on the value of the gun. They basically collect sales tax on transactions they have no right to it on. My brother would have been forced to pay sales tax on his own guns had he used an FFL to mail his guns to himself via FFL- which we've been told by non-lawyers wasn't necessary, but didn't sound worth the risk.

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