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Welcome to the orum and thanks for asking our advice


Welcome to the forum and thanks for asking our advice.

Congratulations on your new gun. Is it your first firearm?

I generally field-strip and inspect every gun I ever get before shooting. In recent years, I have read the advice of others suggesting that a full cleaning is in order because some factories have been know to leave metal shavings and debris inside. It is a sad comment on quality control.

If it is a gun with which I am unfamiliar, I usually ask the owner (if used) or store clerk (if new or used) to show me how to strip and reassemble.

I have used a variety of oils over the years. Any good machine oil seems to do as well as any other. There are some specialty lubricants in my cleaning box, mostly from But even motor oil will do in a pinch.

Some guns are intended to run "dry", with just a little lubrication. Some do better with more. I don't know about the Beretta. See what the owner's manual says and ask the seller. Follow the owner's manual precisely. Even the most expensive gun oil is a lot cheaper than what you will pay a gunsmith to fix excessive wear.

Good luck.

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