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The 25-2 is a desirable gun, the fact that it is a commemorative adds no real value to it and if it is too gaudy, will actually hurt it a bit. Out here on the left coast, I would see a gun like that selling (as opposed to asking) for around $8-900.

I just bought a S&W 6 1/2" M29-2 and a 8 3/8" M57 both from 1978 and both NIB with cases etc. for $800 each.

For those who might have missed it, the prices of high condition N frame Smiths have risen quite a bit lately. Used examples that are in the 95% range can still be had reasonably, for instance, I just bought a 629-4 Classic DX for $600 with all the original accessories that came with it.

The price seems to go up exponentially, however, if they are new and unfired.
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