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ROA load as per an expert on the matter

I am reading a book by Dennis Adler titled: " Black Powder Revolvers - Reproductions and Replicas " that he wrote in 2008.
On page 141 he has published recommended loads for a half a dozen specific gun variations, and he presents the ROA and A Walker .44 Colt as contemporary of each other. His "conservative" load for both handguns with an intention to reduce wear and tear & provide the most consistant accuracy is:
40 gr. of Goex FFFg -and- using the same spout for measuring the Goex by weight will allow the proper measure of Pyrodex by volume of 40 gr. , either propellent to be followed by a lubricated wad and a .455" or larger round ball.
His maximum for these guns is listed as 60 gr. Goex FFFg and 40 gr. of Pyrodex.

The aforementioned is just reported as written in the book as described.
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