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Sent emails to my Senators . The following is what I sent.
I would like to start out by saying like all Americans I was sickened and upset over the recent mass shooting in CT. Mine and my families thoughts and prayers goes out to Newtown and the families of the lost.

In light of what has happened I know that any ban on weapon type and or magazine capacity would not have saved one person nor will it save any in the future. I am sure you know that the AR-15 and other military style firearm sold to civilians Are no worse than any other type sold.

I have heard reporters say they are the same ones our wonderful soldiers us in defending this great country of ours. We know this is not true. Our soldiers use fully auto or select fire weapons and not something that requires you to pull the trigger every time you wish to fire a bullet.

My family and I are hoping and praying that you do everything in your power to stop Obama in his tracks on the issue of gun control. Also I hope you support any measure to place people whether it be teachers, police or volunteers in our schools to be a barrier to those who wish to harm our children. I want to thank you for your stance and for your service .
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