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heres what i dont get, other then capacity.. my dads ar is no different then my 7400 30-06. a one pull/one shot carbine.
i hear the news saying "military style" this and that, but is it?
my 30-06 is way my dangerous then the puny .223..
i can let of ten rounds as fast as he does..
i got a colapsable stock, scope, aftermarket mags, yada yada...
its fear and misleading promotions on the news that will soon consider all firearms "military style" and all will be banned....
i guess our deer rifles will fall under "military type high powerd sniper rifles"???
all in all, they are using the " judge a book by its cover" to install fear and ignorance in todays people.
just had put my 2 cents in
"The Second Amendment of our Bill of Rights is my Concealed Weapons Permit, period."
- Ted Nugent
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