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Yea this is a BAD BAD idea! My uncle bought a brand new S&W 629 .44 Magnum 8 3/8" bbl, Its stainless, I think its called a 629? I'm not a S&W guy so forgive me if those numbers are wrong, I know there's a model 29 also, and I think its the blued version? Anyway when he bought the revolver he also bought a really nice sheep fur lined leather shoulder holster for the revolver so he could carry it deer hunting, my uncle is a REALLY meticulous guy and takes VERY good care of everything he owns, he didn't know any better and left the new gun in that nice new holster, he hadn't shot it quite sometime so he got it out one day and to his surprise the leather strap that went around the trigger loop had eaten away at the metal, it looked awful and he was sick to say the least!
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