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Let me first point out, I have never shot any one, came close a couple of times, but the situations resolved peacefully, or at least, without gunfire.

Reading responses, that target shots fired in error, good guy hits, etc, below.

Having been in altercations, violent ones, I have on a couple of occasions, attacked an innocent party! Fluid changes in a street, or inside a public place, Club or Bar, or just entering a Restaurant.

Some one moving, stepping one way or the other, could get them hit! Feet fists, a weapon (not a firearm) under the stress of personal combat.

(Sorry, I forgot to mention I was brought up in a Pub, my Dad ran one, me in same Pub from birth till 26 YOA, and I worked as a Bouncer in Liverpool U.K. for 5 years)

I am trained in street fighting (just did a lot of it) and you can misinterpret a persons intent, and kick or punch them (two solutions) but as a third party in a fluid weapons, firearms, incident, there is no saying sorry, and helping them off the floor!

So it is a wait and see, protect your loved ones, first! Kind of deal. But in an attack against you! Do not hesitate, attack right back, if this involves your CCW, you have be competent with that pistol, in my case, I carry the same Glock 19, that I shoot in IDPA matches. IDPA does not a gunfighter make, but I know were the gun shoots, at many different distances, and I have yet to have a malfunction, of any nature with it. So as many have said, you had better know how to run your gun, from concealed.

Lots of bad stuff happens after midnight! Not to us, we go to bed prior to that witching hour! Glock and Surefire close by, house phone, Cell phone on that same bed side table.

Walk and talk softly, but carry a big stick (or a gun!)
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