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The only "military" or "assualt" type rifle I own is a SKS. It is a chinese with the Tapco stock and detachable mags. Very dangerous looking. It came with the wood stock and fixed mags. I swapped out the black plastic for the wood and metal and it doesn't look nearly as evil. I wonder if it shoots faster the meaner it looks.

Anyway, since everything seems to be gone and I already had quite a few detachable mags I ordered another SKS from Buds last night for $329.00. figured it was still a relatively good price for a good gun and know I have one I can keep evil looking and one I can keep not as dangerous with the wood stocks

And if you have or want an SKS with detachable mags. Go for the Tapco 20 rounders. I have a few and have never had an failure with it. This week I ordered a ProMag 30 and 40 rounder during the "panic". The Promags do not have as good of a rep as the Tapco, but most people seem to like them. Almost everyone has sucess with the Tapco. They are foolproof.

The detachable mags do not take any real modification. Just remove the fixed and the "duckbill" mags fit right in. Sometimes they are "tight" and hard to get in the first few times, but that will work itself out. The only down side I see to the SKS detachable mags vs an AK is you have to have the bolt open to insert or remove the mag. (there is a fix for that that involves a little modification, I have not done it)
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