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protect life rICHARD dONSTON

tackling works when a distraction occurs that buys you the time to cross the distance.
Im former law enforcement. for the question of do you shoot a shooter in the crowd that is firing at a principle, at the peril of striking a by-stander. short answer is yes. to save a life or lives.
Now, you can spin a bunch of circumstantial scenarios some of wich may lead to "no", and many more that are maybe's.
To protect life, and acting in good faith, it is never wrong to use deadly force. The shoot scenario will be evaluated based on circumstances. THIS IS WHY YOU MUST HAVE A PERSONAL POLICY AS TO WHEN YOU WILL USE DEALY FORCE. BEFORE YOU GO OUT THE DOOR. To save a life is mine.

police do not respond so quickly. The fight would have been over for sometime by the time they get there. If you shoot someone, wait at the scene, reholster your weapon, and show your hands to police, comply with directions, and let them know you have a holstered weapon (in your waist band). FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.
wHEN THEY SECURE THE SCENE YOU HAVE QUESTIONS TO ANSWER. Explain what occured. If an overbearing cop puts unwarranted presure on you, its ussually a good time to ask for an attorney.
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