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This spot is AWESOME.
For those who have not come out to a Gathering yet - Prepare to be amazed. We have some very cool plans going on and if you dont come - your seriously going to miss out.
For those Gathering Veterans - your in for a treat. The view is stunningly beautiful and represents some of the best Utah has to offer. If you dont have a 4X4 - dont worry - we'll have enough to shuttle folks from the lower area up to the upper area where we will be having the fun stuff.
Its a lot easier and faster to get to and find then the Far West Gathering Location (Last Two Gatherings).
Just head through Lehi till you get to that intersection that will lead North to Camp Williams or to the South to the lake... Head south.
Follow that road to you see what will be the TFL sign there or a lot of cars parked at the base of some serious foot hills. You wont be able to miss it... if you do - roll down your windows and listen for the gun fire. You can actually see the location from Orem.
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