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Retired U.S. Military Remington Rand 1911. Shot Minute of 55 gallon Barrel at 25 Yards.
I probably should have cut it some slack. The old girl may have had a pick-up truck full of ammunition shot through it between 1943 and when I got it in the 1970's.

Second worse 1911 AMT HardBaller around 1977. Magazine write ups at the time called it a SS Colt National Match. Well my mileage did vary. I could not keep rear sight pins in it. Then the Two Piece Barrel came apart.

Third worse would be a commercial Browning Hi Power that I picked up in 1974 as my first Police side arm. It was very inaccurate, and would not feed unless the ammo had the profile of Ball. Traded it at the first Gun Show after I got it for a new S&W 28 Highway Patrolman. I have been a revolver man ever since. The 28 was a tack driver, and still is. A buddy of mine still has it.
The 28 would roll pop cans almost every shot at 50 yards with my then 23 year old eyes. I am sure you could not keep the Hi Power on the lid of a 55 gallon drum at 50 yards.

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