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I cannot believe there are so many here that do not understand the difference between a RIGHT and a PRIVILAGE.

the 2A and our WA 1/24 clearly state we have the RIGHT to bear arms for our own self defense. IMHO, any gun law is too many.

Extra time for the use of a gun in a crime is not a gun law. I would agree to stiff penilties for the USE of a firearm in a felony, but not possession. I am also not for all of this "prohibited person" garbage...if the person is a danger to society, lock him/her up, or better yet. execute the violent criminal. If you did, we would never have to worry about that one again.

Remember, Sen Sullivan introduced the "Sullivan Act" to NYS to protect his thugs. Most other gun laws are just Jim Crow laws anyway. We can't have the dregs of society being able to defend themself you know.
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