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300 Savage

I have a 300 Savage that my grandpa gave me. Only have shoot 20 rounds through it. Its very enjoyable to shoot, and I have a buddy selling another almost identical. I have a Model 99 and I think his is a 99F, or a 99 I am not entirely sure.

I am just curious about what mine is worth, and where the round falls. I am looking to probably buy his. I kind of think its like a hard hitting 243 but I cant be sure being as I dont have a 243. I know I shot 180grain bullets which are like my .30-06. So if someone could value my gun for curiosity sakeand tell me if its worth picking up this other one, thanks

As per serial number it looks to be 1935.

Sorry the pictures are bad. I can get more quick if needed. I wish I had better pictures of the engraving. On one side of the stock is an Indian in a Canoe and the other side is a moose head

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