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I have probably 4,000 rounds through my SW9VE. I shoot the gun very accurately, I am so confident in it that it is my nightstand gun of choice. I shot the factory trigger for probably the first 1000 rounds. If you have any mechanical ability and patience you can make the trigger much much better in about 5 minutes for free. GunsmithUSA on YouTube has a video that is step by step and easy to follow (Google Sigma trigger job). After removing 2 springs I have put around 3,000 rounds through my gun and still have never once had a failure of any type. I saw no need to purchase and additional spring kits or pay a gunsmith. The pull is still long, but much lighter. I feel safe carrying the gun still because of the somewhat long pull, although this is not really my carry weapon as stated earlier. My accuracy with the gun improved dramatically after this trigger job, which just proves out what some other people are saying about possibly jerking the trigger and how that may affect your accuracy. I also learned from video how to disassemble the slide and remove the firing pin and ejector. Boy did some crud accumulate in there, I was quite amazed that the gun kept working so reliably with all the bits of brass and crud that collected in my firing pin and ejector channels. Testament to the "Glock like" reliability of this platform. If the gun wasn't as inexpensive as it was I probably would have not done either the trigger job or slide disassembly on my own. They both were actually very simple with the help of some good step by step YouTube videos. Last thing, I have never fed this gun anything near high quality ammunition, she is a Pabst Blue Ribbon kind of girl.
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