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Some suggestions

Make a person responsible for the guns they own. If they are found negligent to keep them out of the wrong hands they can be charged as accessories to any crime or accident committed with that weapon. A person should know the serial numbers and type of weapons they own so if there is a theft it can be reported to the law. This will mean gun owners will need to inventory and lock their weapons up keep them out of kids reach etc.

Background checks are the norm now so make them necessary even for private transactions. Those are two common sense approaches to keep everyone safer.

I'm against limiting the number of firearms one can own and the type they can own. The constitution is the law of the land. People who want to ban guns are violating our civil rights. Home inspections, licenses and training requirements should be out of the question.

The way some are debating the topic is quite stupid as to ban all handguns would require a repeal of the second amendment. Our fore fathers had the wisdom to make the process very difficult.
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