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An Ithaca 37 16 gauge with serial nbr around 855,001 for the next 1000 or so. 855,000 is where they changed to the new barrel thread style and the new barrels Ithaca makes will fit them with no gunsmithing.

The action will still be largely handfitted and runs smooth and the foreend will fit me. Then I could get a vent rib barrel with choke tubes.

However I am building one. I just put a deposit down on a 1952 vintage Ithaca 37 16 gauge that has a Simmons vent rib already installed on it. The wood is pretty dang good. I will get choke tubes put in it and the correct period recoil pad and eventually reblue and restore the whole gun.

It actually will be almost better than a new one, the difference is that the new barrels are 4140 steel for steel shot and are a little heavier, but I have a newer 12 gauge Ithaca that will handle that chore.

It will be a sweet gun to hunt pheasants and longer range bunnies with. I have another 1956 built Ithaca 37 16 gauge that is an absolute joy to hunt rabbits in the brush with
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