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Here is my proposal:

1. Decriminalize marijuana. Tax and regulate it. Go from spending $40B per year on enforcement to making $30B per year from taxes and licensing fees. In the same stroke, rob gangs of black market profits and incentives, reducing violence.

2. Let the thousands of non-violent offenders in jail and prison for marijuana offenses out, freeing up thousands and thousands of cells.

3. Use some of the net $70B per year toward prosecution of violent offenders; use the newly emptied cells to hold them. Ban early releases of repeat, violent offenders, since we should have adequate prison space.

4. Use some of the net $70B per year toward mental health care.

I find this approach to be common sense and reasonable. Sadly, I do not think it would fly. Antis would be unhappy that it did nothing about guns. Many on our side would have conniptions about legalizing pot.

Too bad, though, because I really think it's a good idea.
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