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Main thing, regardless of choke, is to find a load which patterns properly and then make sure of your sighting.

^^^This. Without proper pattering you are only guessing. What I have found is most of the time, the XXFull and XFull chokes are not necessary and can indeed lead to missed birds at close range. A few years back I called in a Tom for my friend that had a perfect circle about eight inches in diameter shot out of the middle of his tail, In full strut, the hole was right above his head. I figured a hunter in a previous week had not waited till the bird came outta strut before he shot. The small hole showed the pattern to be quite tight, without much margin for error. I knicknamed this Tom "Lucky" as my friend also missed him with his bow. I have also found that shooting heavy turkey loads of #5 or larger shot, the Turkey type chokes generally pattern worse and increase felt recoil much more than standard full chokes. I stick to a standard full choke and use fiber optic sights on my turkey guns. I pattern my gun every year with the ammo I intend to use, even if it's the same as last year. If I can't get them within 40 yards, I don't shoot.
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