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Criminal penalties for legal owners who fail to secure.
Welcome.... But here's some considerations... Many guns, if not most guns used in crimes are stolen. I'm sure some esteemed member of this forum can give you more specifics. Also keep in mind what good is a firearm if it has to be kept in some vault or safe, it defeats the purpose of having a firearm if you can't get to it before the BG does you in. Further what level of security is enough? Do we mandate a certain type of steel and Gauge.

Most the quick access safes seem to have a lot of slop in the door and don't seem like they would stop almost anyone with a screwdriver and a little strength.

If a BG breaks in my locked house were my weapons not secure until the law was violated? I'm not picking on you, please don't get me wrong there's just a whole lot of things that may or may not work here...
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