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I am in the same boat, looking to compete for fun and to hone my skills that have become rusty since exiting the Corps 15 years ago. I have been carrying smaller framed concealed semis, G27 and Kahr PM9 which serve their purpose but decided that I need a full size in the collection and to practice overall marksmanship etc.

I read this thread and others to get ideas and then went to a well stocked local gun shop to handle the options every day over the past 3 days.

In the end after all of my research I impulsively purchased a used HK P30 due to the "deal". It was kind of foolish but I was not ready to commit to $1000+ right now and I have orientation at the closest (2 hours away) outdoor gun club here in S. FL.

I really love the feel and setup of the P30, but I know that it is not the best choice for competing. I tried to love the USP Tactical although it was out of my budget, but the grip was a little large for me where the P30 feels like it was molded for my hand! Anyway, I own the P30 now and will enjoy it to the fullest! If I really get into competing I can upgrade at a later date.

I need suggestions on sights since it has the basic Night Sights for the HKs.

Also, what is a good tactical range holster for this gun. I think I prefer something other than leather, but am open to suggestions from those who know better. I will be attaching to a contractor belt from unless once again someone has a better suggestion for a range belt I can use for this purpose and AR tactical firing. I was looking at the Blackhawk Serpa Tactical holsters at the shop but they did not have any for the P30, any good or is the lock a bad idea?

Many thanks in advance for your wisdom and guidance!
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