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Thinking Of Getting A Rifle For Teen Family Member To Learn To Shoot

I've been thinking about possibly picking up either a Ruger 10/22 or some other reliable and easy to shoot, and care for, rifle for a young family member who is now coming of age.

I was thinking that if the price is right I might even buy a couple of rifles so that I could go shooting with my nephew.

He's 12 years old and his parents are fine with firearms and even know firearm safety yet they don't personally own any at the moment.

What do you guys recommend besides the Ruger or is that really the best rifle to get a kid started on learning about guns and gun safety?

I wasn't sure where to post this particular thread since it is rather a general question and not just about the Ruger. If it's in the wrong place than I'd appreciate someone moving it please.

Edit: I was thinking that I might even make this like a late Christmas present or something. Thought I'd get some input and see what others have gotten for the youngsters in their family.
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