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Everyone, Thanks for a great job discussing this.

Picher, I would like to respond to your comment;
"I've seen and recently heard of accidental shootings and realize that they wouldn't kill masses of people, but still have seen in the news and heard about other instances where people were injured or killed by gun accidents."
And then;
"I say we need to proceed cautiously when considering arming teachers. There are too many young kids around and if a teacher were to accidentally harm just one, it would be as devastating to that teacher and almost as devastating to the community as if there were a mass shooting."

Accidental and negligent discharges do happen when firearms are being handled. They are rare but do happen. I have never heard of any modern firearm discharging when no one was pulling the trigger. For the discussion of arming teachers and school administrators who are capable of and volunteered for this duty I do not think this applies because the firearm would not be un-secured when students were in the building unless there was a situation that called for it.

Nowhere has it been suggested that this would proceed without caution. The articles I linked too talked about the process they went through before coming to the conclusion this was the best for their students.

Arming teachers and school administrators is being discussed. It was being discussed at the job site I was at in another state this week and at my workplace when I got back in the office today. I always try to bring this into the discussion when it is in the best interest to do so. You may have to listen to some things you do not want to hear first but if you want your opinion to be heard you have to be willing to listen to others.

Now is a time when it is very important for us to be good citizens as gun owners and belivers in the importance of the 2nd Amendment.

Again Thanks Everyone!
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