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That first post is almost a drive by. I'm going to leave this open because it really is an excellent article, and could be a handy reference for those of us talking to our families and friends about this topic right now.

I'd suggest brushing up on these topics before your next get together with friends and relatives.

Now, that said: let's try to salvage this thread by getting a bit more of a conversation going. Here's one thing:

Originally Posted by Larry Correia
Mental Health Issues

And right here I’m going to show why I’m different than the people I’ve been arguing with the last few days. I am not an expert on mental health issues or psychiatry or psychology. My knowledge of criminal psychology is limited to understanding the methods of killers enough to know how to fight them better.

So since I don’t have enough first-hand knowledge about this topic to comment intelligently, then I’m not going to comment…
This is why Larry Correia is one of my heroes right now, and why I trust his writing.

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