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I'll second the Montec G5 broad-head. I prefer fixed to mechanical just for simplicity, and the G5's seem to work great; they're extremely durable, and are relatively easy to resharpen when they need it. Also, they have almost exactly the same poi as a field point, so I don't really have to re sight my bow in for hunting season.
I also personally prefer a single pin sight. All my shots are within 35-40yds, so I zero it at 30, and just aim a little high or low.
Lastly, I greatly prefer a "hindsight" rear sight to a peep in the string. It never wanders up or down, and - for me - it allows a much faster sight picture. Apparently people who've used a peep for a long time can have some trouble adjusting, but if you're just starting I think it might be the best $35 you put into your set up.
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