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I got a bow. I have a 3 pin sight from fuse, a whisker bisket rest and a truglo release. The bow shop I bought my bow from has a 20 yard range and a have 4 free range trips so im thinking about setting up at 10 and 20 while I'm at the range and setting up at 30 once I feel I am proficient at 20.
I wouldn't both with a 10yrd pin in all honesty....20 should be fine for your first pin..If you notice most any setup with be dead on or VERY close at 10yrd using a 20 pin....For my hunting setup I use 3 pins(25,35,and 43 yrds)...I aim for the center mass of the vital area...With my arrow speed(mid 280fps) my 25pin keeps me in a 6in circle out to 30yrds,My 35pin covers 30-40 and my 43pin covers me out to 45..For shots beyond 45 out to say 50 I would hold a few inches above the deers spine...The bottom pins is set to a sight tape on a slider frame for longer range shooting off season.,..Its sounds complicated,but its actaully REALLY simple......I cant claim any harvest with this method,so all I can claim is accuracy on target....
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