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I have read many of the posts in the forum pertaining to first time handgun purchases. I have also read many of those threads pertaining to home defense weapons. But my situation is slightly different from most, I am retired and need a handgun strictly for home defense. No target shooting, no competitive shooting and no conceal carry. I am also retired U.S. Navy, can somebody help me with a suggestion.
To clarify my short post replying to your question. Which in fact shouldn't need any clarification, but obviously someone thinks so. Do you have a particular need for a home defense weapon being a handgun? Your statement said you have no intention to carry concealed, and also you mentioned "no target shooting". Even those quite proficient with handguns practice (target shoot) often. You indicate that this will be your first handgun. How much practical experience do you have with a handgun? My simple suggestion was based on the fact that for home protection, a shotgun is by far the best choice for someone who isn't completely familiar with, and well adapted to, the use of a handgun. And that takes a lot of "target" shooting to accomplish.
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