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I am disappointed by most of what I've read on the few gun forums I frequent regarding solutions to some of the tragedies we've experienced lately. I am in total agreement that gun control won't keep criminals from obtaining and using guns. But I do not agree that just because that statement is true, we should absolve ourselves from trying to provide positive suggestions to help alleviate the problem. To do so seems uncaring, irresponsible, and certainly paints a bad picture of gun right advocates in the public's eyes. And right now, that's exactly what they're wanting to see.

I have guns and I want to keep my guns to be able to protect myself, my family, and those I may be around if the next criminal or lunatic opens fire. But I am also willing to jump through a few more hoops if it might make our society a little safer.
well said and I agree with you 100%. I guess I find it a little disappointing that when we gun owners talk about 'sensible' gun laws we either tout apathy or we espouse the idea that jumping through those extra hoops is somehow eroding our gun rights. If you can still get a gun but close those loop holes I think this is a good thing imo
What I think gets forgotten ever since the 1968 GCA, is that the anti-gun crowd has never compromised a thing. All so-called "compromise" has been a ride down a one-way street. We (the gun owners) have given up parts of our rights, while "they" have given up nothing.

Sorry, but that's not compromise by any stretch of the word.

The topic is always framed so that if any of us disagrees with the gun-grabbers, then we are not only not being reasonable, but we have lost any common sense we may assume we once had.

We have long gone past the point of "sensible" gun laws. Something is going to happen and we need to fight tooth and nail against it. Even knowing we will lose on some subjects. That's the sensible thing to do.

If we are going to be forced to give anything up, then "compromise" demands that they give up something also. Else it is not compromise. It's just us giving up more of what we have striven so hard to get returned to us.

The fact that so many folks on gun boards do not see this, does not give me much hope.
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