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So perhaps mental screenings during the process for the Driver's license
Have you been to a DMV? You really want these people conducting mental screening? What do they know about mental health as a workforce? Next to nothing would be my guess. We keep asking what would stop these losses and honestly there aren't any good or easy answers... I guess you can try to outlaw evil, but it seems in thousands of years no ones come up with a 100% way to make it work.

Of course you could just let them take your rights, see how well it worked out for the Soviet Union and the Eastern Europe of the 1940's-1980... Nothing like government agents helping you never be heard from again or maybe you get off easy working to death in a Gulag in Siberia. And while were at it why don't we clamp down on our other rights too so we can be extra secure.... I think state run media so we can have filtered news would be great? How about the government telling us what religion to believe or not believe?

My point isn't to argue or even answer these questions, but rather point out if you can take one right or severely limit it then why not do the same with the rest of them???

You want a law that works, its called the 2A and its among the highest laws in the land...
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