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so you take a perfectly good handgun and file down the front site - you know its worth zero after that ? So what will the new owner that can actually shoot do when he gets it?
I've taken a fair amount of game, won a few pistol matches, been on a couple of pistol teams, and done some stunt shooting in my time. Not too bad for not being able to actually shoot. My guns worth zero when I sell them? I don't think so.

This gun has had its sights "tweaked" some:

Doesn't look worthless to me.

the sites shouldn't line up any different in a bench or in your hands - and no - at 25 meters its point of aim point of impact for all commercial rounds

The sights don't line up any differently, the gun recoils differently. And the Federal 180gr JHP and the Winchester 240 gr. JHP won't shoot to the same point. Both are commercial .44 Magnum rounds.

Quote: should invest the money you lose on the guns value on a couple sessions with an instructor
Funny thing, I've never lost money on any gun I've sold or traded, usually made a tidy profit.

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