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More data.

Today I fired 36 .44 mag rounds. Outdoors, -10 Celsius.

3 cylinders of 200gr bullets over N110 trial charges and 3 clylinders of 240gr bullets over N110 trial charges. As usual, they all started their journey in my 4.2" Redhawk

They all went through the chrono (well, over, not through, but YKWIM).

Here is the data below. The 240gr bullets I think were fairly clear in their results, but please chime in if I am not interpreting correctly. The 3 sets of
200gr bullets also had interesting results.

200gr plated:
I shot 6 x 19gr , 6 x 19.5gr & 6 x 20gr of N110.
First string in fps (19gr): 709, 628, 989, 651, 688, 1088. Av:792. All very slow for a .44, I think... Quite a bit of unburnt powder, too.

Second string (19.5gr): 792. 767, 805, 826, 896, 784, 752. Av:805. Also slow, but with shots 2 and 3 similar to what I get from 13.6gr of N350 under the same bullet. Some unburnt powder for some shots.

Third string (20gr): 1025, 1106, 1106, 841, 813, 1001. Av:982. No unburnt powder

All in all, I think the charges here were borderingon light, which is unexpected as they were well into the powder range for that bullet weight... Now it was cold, so perhaps the chrono was suffering, but they all felt like .44 specials, rather thanmag, and retrospectively, I am pleased that I did not have another squib.

I did see sand on each shot, and each time there was a reading on the chrono even if it read "dupl" or "Err". All shots were felt in the palm. Bit paranoid about squibs!!
I even checked the barrel at home to put my mind at rest!!

Anyway, I think that perhaps I need to go up quite a bit: 21-21.5gr, perhaps, because it seems that the pressure was way low on those lighter bullets.

With the 240gr bullets I was trying to push the max limit a bit, bto get the most velocity because if my plans for the 265gr Marlin .430 FNFMJs don't work out, this will be my woods load.

240gr FNFMJs: I shot 6 x 21gr , 6 x 21.2gr & 6 x 21.5gr of N110.
First string in fps (21gr): 1278, 1336, 1299, 1299, 1344, One shot not registered. Av:1311. No squashed primers. Smooth extraction.

Second string (21.2gr): 1329. 1314, 1353, 1352, 1336, One shot not registered. Av:1336. No squashed primers. Smooth-ish extraction.

Third string (21.5gr): 1359, 1356, 1309, 1366, 1344, One shot not registered. Av:1346. No squashed primers. Smooth-ish extraction. One split cases from neck to about half way down

I think the 21.5gr were lightly compressed by this stage, but can't be sure. Sure enough for me not to try for anywhere near 22grs!!

Either way, I think I can ditch the 21.5gr charge and for an extra 25fps I'm not sure if I should keep the 21.2gr or just settle on 21gr.
Thoughts on which to keep?
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