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Sig sauer customer service

Just wanted to share a very positive experience with the folks at Sig Sauer customer service. Yesterday I bought a C3P 1911 and a Nightmare 1911. Today I did my disassembly, cleaning and lubrication. The nightmare 100rds flawless. The C3P no so lucky.Got it all back together inserted the mag pulled back the slide, locked into place went to release the slide and this baby is STUCK. Ejected the mag and slide releases with no problem. Tried the 2nd mag, a little better but shouldn't be that tuff. Placed a Chip McCormick in there and it was as smooth as butter. Called Sig spoke to Josh was very apologetic and and sent out two replacements today. That response was a total 180 of the type of treatment I received from Kimber in the past. Nothing is ever there fault. As for the operation of the C3P with the cm mags 100 rounds were flawless.
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