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There is no way the authors of The Bill of Rights could ever have imagined semi-automatic firearms with 30-round magazines, they were talking about single-shot muzzle loaders for hunting only, therefore The People should NOT be allowed to have semi-automatic high-capacity firearms...
At the time, a single-shot front-stuffer was exactly what the military had.

I would argue that equivalent arms was exactly what was envisioned.

Do I need an "assault weapon?" Meh, probably not. But as a mentally sound, law abiding citizen why shouldn't I have one? Why shouldn't you, as a (presumably) mentally sound, equally law abiding citizen have one too? We could go shooting together

There are lots of things that people don't need, but I don't believe it is the role of government to tell me what I need
"The best diplomat I know is a fully charged phaser bank" - Montgomery Scott
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