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the "hole" I'm sure you know is a sump pump pit... ( wouldn't have far to slide down the pole ) I have one in each room, but I'm on high ground, & in sugar sand under a couple feet of black dirt, so I doubt I'll ever need them for more than condensate ( from the dehumidifiers )

BTW... the short gun racks sitting on my bench in that last pic, are pieces I made as Christmas presents... I made up 6 sets of them for shooting buddies... so far the design seems really versitile

this weekend, I'm painting a 4ft steel steel desk with a file cabinete drawer in matching blue... it goes in one corner, my medications, & MRS jewlery ( no, sorry, no million dollar diamonds or anything ) & important papers will go in the desk, my watch collection ( vintage pocket & wrist watches ) will go on a board mounted on the wall behind the desk...

... getting to this point, really takes alot of weight off my shoulders, I live in the country, & as there have been alot of neighborhood break ins over the last year... one was my buddies daughter's place, & a lot of guns, & collector coins were stolen... even with an alarm system, I wouldn't expect law enforcement could get to my place in less than 1/2 hour... that's too much time to allow thieves to rummage... so I built the safe / room big enough to encorporate most of the valuables that aren't openly displayed in the house
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